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Landlord always expects their property to be well-handled but some tenants never look after the property as their own. Tenant eviction is something that most of landlords do not want but are compelled to take such extreme actions due to unavoidable reasons. Your tenant might not be paying the rent and the debts have already piled up, or they are subletting your apartment without your consent, or the tenant might be damaging any of your property. Whatever be the reason, when you feel you are not arriving at a civil agreement with your tenant, you can take a necessary step against them to get your property back in your hands.

If you are in any such situation and want a reliable eviction service in New York, NY area, then you can reach Galaxy Locksmith Store. We have been serving landlords, realtors, and banks with our affordable and trustworthy eviction services.Galaxy Locksmith Store New York, NY 212-659-0022

Prevent a retaliation break-in    

We understand that not all property owners are millionaires and just a few non-paying tenants can cause a huge dip in their monthly income. Hence, landlords make use of the eviction services from Galaxy Locksmith Store. It is also important that landlords take imperative steps to prevent any unexpected break-in from an angry evicted tenant. Sometimes a former tenant can use his spare key to enter the house. To prevent it, you can reach out to our professionals who will help you in rekeying the locks of your property to make sure your tenants do not reenter the premises.

What if the tenant hasn’t left the property?

The landlord may take the extreme step of rekeying or changing the locks when the tenants are still staying in the house. But is legally wrong and you need a legal court order to do so. It is always advisable to abide by the law and regulation of the state before taking any extreme steps against your tenants. If you hold all the legal orders, you can call Galaxy Locksmith Store to avail our tenant eviction services. Our professional will take things in their own hands and will help you gain full control of your property again. 

We always care for our clients and we never want you to face trouble due to your non-paying tenants, hence, we offer eviction services at affordable prices. Call 212-659-0022 today!